Samsung twin cooling

LG and Samsung refrigerators are two top brands with an excellent selection of models. Both brands offer almost identical products in design and functionality, making them classic rivals.

So, we understand why you may find it hard deciding which brand is best for your kitchen. While they are both Korean brands, their influence, especially in the laundry and refrigeration segments, is fast spreading.

Samsung is about the most successful electronics company in the world. Thanks to innovation, sleek product design, and product quality, Samsing holds a significant share of the appliances market ahead of other big players like GE refrigerator and Whirlpool refrigerator. With a Samsung refrigeratoryou get top-of-the-line construction and design style. They are also very reliable and pack extra features to boost user convenience. LG is the only other refrigerator brand that can stand up to Samsung in terms of innovation.

Besides offering top-quality products, they make good on their promise of improving user convenience. Samsung and LG refrigerator models upended the industry starting with their innovative door configurations.

Samsung Refrigerator Door Configurations Samsung likes to categorize its fridges as follows:.

Twin Cooling Plus™ refrigerator: how it works - FlexZone™ - Samsung

The company does make some top freezer models. In fact, the 18 cu.

Twin Cooling Plus™ Technology: How to Make Your Fridge Fresher

LG Refrigerator Door Configurations LG refrigeratoron the other hand, has also a wide selection of styles which includes popular bottom freezer and top freezer models. However, their most intesting lineup is reserved for french door and side by side models. As we mentioned earlier, LG and Samsung refrigerator products are very similar in style and functionality.

But while LG may have the upper hand in innovative features, Samsung does take a slight lead in design, and style due to their efforts in making handleless some call it pocket handle fridges. This makes them a perfect fit for any kitchen.

A quick side note on handles. When purchasing appliances, most people usually do not think about handle design. But when the appliance is in their kitchen mismatching handles will catch their eye.

Yes, both brands have counter-depth and full-depth models.

samsung twin cooling

In fact, both LG and Samsung are known to make the best counter-depth refrigerator models on the market.That is, keep your food cold. The truth is, a great refrigerator has the potential to do so much more than preserve your milk, cheese, and veggies. We prepared this Samsung refrigerator review so you can easily select a great Samsung refrigerator that is suitable for your needs and your budget.

Considering that Samsung manufactures over different fridge models, following the guide below will make you confident about your selection on style, configuration, and feature set.

A Samsung refrigerator is the most innovative product when it comes to technology. As a late comer to the US market, Samsung challenged every aspect of residential fridges from food preservation to user-friendly features, from connectivity to alternate design styles.

This commitment to innovation earned Samsung a prominent spot in our best refrigerator brands rankings.

LG vs Samsung Refrigerators Review (2020) - Best Models & More

Each category combines style and function with visible features such as "food-showcase door" a. Or, in case of the 4-Door Flex version you will have the ability to turn a full section from freezer to a fridge on demand. The "Family Hub" touch-screens are built-in to the doors on select models on each of the categories. Marketing jargon can be hard to decipher. Don't worry, we will explain features such as "flexzone", "family-hub", etc.

5 Reasons Why Samsung Fridge Not Cooling

Also, we covered modern refrigerator types in detail in our review article. French door refrigerators have been extremely popular in the past 10 years.

These fridges have an ideal storage ratio of fridge to freezer especially in the inch width. Among the four style choices, you will notice that there are lots of configurations. Models with "Food ShowCase" doors or "Family Hub" touch-screens built-in to the doors are the most prominent configurations among all styles. Almost all Samsung refrigerators come in two styles, counter-depth and standard depth a. Samsung gives you the option to select a fridge that works for your kitchen.

As an example, if you have a large family and able to sacrifice on the seamless, built-in look, go for a full-depth version. On the other hand, a counter-depth design definitely adds to the looks and gives your kitchen an immediate uplift.

On an average, a typical inch wide, inch high family size refrigerator has about cu. Food ShowCase or as it is better labeled in the industry, the "Door-in-Door" design, is an example of an innovation that is super useful in a family setting.

A refrigerator works the hardest after you close its doors to make up for the lost, cold air. Besides, temperature fluctuations are not helpful when it comes to long-lasting food preservation. Food ShowCase doors help a great deal if you organize your high-frequency items towards the front shelves for easy access.

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If you place your Gallon of Milk, OJ, etc. In the front row, you can retrieve them easily without fully opening the fridge. Additionally, the stainless-steel interior finishing helps keep the traditionally warmer spot in your refrigerator, namely the front section, up to par with the back.

This feature is known as metal cooling.Well, there are several reasons for that. Here is what Darren says: I own a Samsung refrigerator that seems to have a problem with cooling in the fridge compartmentdespite being several months old.

The temperature is fluctuating and sometimes Samsung fridge not cooling at all. I have tried doing everything I know to get it running normally again but no luck. Does anyone have an idea about what can possibly be wrong and how that can be fixed?

Or is there a way it can be reset back to its initial state? When the evaporator coils get covered with frost, evaporator fan unable to circulate cold air within the fridge due to blockage and fridge will not be cooling. Initial problem related with defrost cycle. Sometimes, the problem can be solved by changing the defrost temperature sensor but its not guaranteed.

There are actually 2 identical temperature sensors. But you will need one with the white connector on the right side of the fridge. In this case, you need this Drain Repair Kit above and here is the video below what you need to do. But when your Samsung fridge not cooling, one of the reasons for that is that your evaporator fan blocked by ice. If you have a french-door refrigerator, close the left door and put an ordinary magnet on the right side of the fridge to simulate the right door closing.

Under normal circumstances the defrost heater assembly you can get one here is responsible for defrosting any frost that been formed on the evaporator coils in the refrigerator, whose function is to allow cold air to freely flow thereby leading to the freezer cooling.

However, when the defrost heater assembly is not functioning accordingly, excess frost will build upon the evaporator coils, as a result, the airflow will be restricted, which will result in the fridge not cooling. When working properly this component keeps in check the temperature of the refrigerator and transmits the information on the temperature reading to the control board so that appropriate power can be supplied to the evaporator fan as well as the compressor for effective cooling in return.

But when the thermistor is defective both the compressor and the evaporator fan may not work properly. When its failed, power will not flow and heater will not able to heats up and melt ice or frost which may build up on the evaporator coils. Apart from replacing any components found defective, the following actions can be taken to fix the inability of the fridge to cool. In most cases, the inability of the Samsung fridge to cool is as a result of having excess ice frosting over the evaporating coils as well as the fan.

In a nutshell, Samsung fridge inability to cool is one of the most inconveniencing challenges faced with the brand.

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Among the notable causes include the malfunctioning of various components that work together as a team to bring about cooling in a freezer, such as a compressor, defrost control board and the evaporator coils among others. Rather, this is something one can easily fix by simply making diagnostic tests on the components suspected to be defective, such as the ones mentioned above and have them replaced or even repaired where possible.

After power outages, our Samsung fridge shows the error code 2E.Several months ago, I started to notice a mild clicking sound coming from it occasionally. The sound would always stop as soon as I opened the door, and then usually restart a little while after closing the door. In the past few days, the noise got considerably louder. It became clear that the sound was coming from a fan that was inside the refrigerator compartment.

It started sounding like a fan whose blades were hitting something. I thought maybe the fan bearings were just dry and needed oil. It turns out that ice builds up on the evaporator due to bad design of the defrost circuitand eventually hits the fan blades, causing the racket. The proper fix is to remove everything from the refrigerator, take out all the drawers and shelves, remove the evaporator cover, and then melt the ice.

The ice build up usually occurs on the coolant pipes feeding the evaporator. Notice how there are two large oblong air holes in the evaporator cover see above photoabove Twin Cooling.

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The coolant pipes are approximately behind the air slot on the right. I set my dryer to high, and then pointed it at my hand, adjusting the distance so that the air was just a little too hot for me to tolerate. Then I aimed it at the intake slots, at about the same distance, and alternated blowing air into them, 10 seconds at a time, for 2 minutes:.

The noise is completely gone! I will make a post in the future, documenting the process as I go. At about in the video above, the guy has a good hack for preventing the issue from ever happening again. He moves the temperature sensor for defrosting from the inlet to the outlet pipe of the evaporator, which extends the defrost cycle. The video below gives a lot more details on disassembly procedures:. Simple hack but very effective. The noise was very much irritating especially when we have a family meeting.

Tried this today after I had to use the power cool because the fridge door was left open. Worked like a charm! Finally got rid of that helicopter landing in my kitchen!

Thank you,ive the same problem,is there a tech fix like a 30sec turn off delay for fan so coil doesnt freeze up. Have same problem. Thank you. I have a slightly different model BUT this hack works. Mine was the freezer fan. Thank you for saving me a ton of money on a service call.

Where is the freezer fan located? Is it possible to do this same hack with the hairdryer? And the noise stops when you open the freezer. The bottom line is to never buy Samsung again. Stick with GE n Maytag brands. Thank you for this post!!! This worked like a charm, my whole family got a better sleep because of you. I hate this refrigerator! It is the most expensive piece of shit that I ever purchased.Samsung's RFAARS French-door refrigerator is a feature-heavy model, with perks such as a twin cooling system, a two-minute door alarm, an LED display panel, an in-door pizza pocket, and a water and ice dispenser.

If the fridge's built-in ice maker is on the fritz, however, the latter feature won't do you much good. To troubleshoot your ice maker, start with the basics before calling for professional help. Before trying other troubleshooting measures, reset the RFAARS' ice maker by removing the ice bucket and pressing and holding the reset button - located on the side of the ice maker - for eight seconds.

If ice production doesn't commence after your refrigerator has been installed for 24 hours, clear the dispenser of air by holding down the dispenser button for 60 seconds or until it dispenses water.

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If you experience issues with both your water dispenser and ice maker, ensure that the valve on the connected water supply line is fully open. To maximize ice cube production and promote even distribution in the ice bucket, Samsung recommends dispensing a few cubes of ice every six hours or so. When cubes in the bucket partially melt and freeze back together, they may fuse into clumps; pull out the bucket and carefully shake it to break up these clumps. An overflowing ice tray indicates an excess of water; close the valve on the water supply connected to the refrigerator by about a quarter-turn to remedy this problem.

If your dispenser produces misshapen cubes, remove the ice bucket, turn it upside down inspect its discharge area. Remove any icy buildup by running hot water through the bucket until it is free of ice. Contact Samsung's customer support department at if basic troubleshooting doesn't address your ice maker's issues. The company's official website also offers a service scheduling tool as well as live chat with Samsung technicians.

samsung twin cooling

Dan Ketchum has been a professional writer sincewith work appearing online and offline in Word Riot, Bazooka Magazine, Anemone Sidecar, Trails and more. Dan's diverse professional background spans from costume design and screenwriting to mixology, manual labor and video game industry publicity.

By Dan Ketchum Updated December 29, How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore About the Author.Lebaran tradition in Indonesia usually presents and sends a variety of food family tradition. We often receive a lot of delivery like ketupat and chicken opor, as well as cakes that need to be stored well in the refrigerator.

Especially if we plan to leave the house a few days to stay out of town or just enjoy the holiday. Two-door refrigerator Samsung Twin Cooling Plus with bigger capacity called can be a solution.

How to Troubleshoot the Icemaker on a Samsung Refrigerator RF267AARS

According to Michael Adisuhanto, Head of Home Appliances Product Marketing of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, the technology developed by Samsung is able to provide freshness of food, a solution of greater capacity and flexibility to increase the capacity of the refrigerator. Comes with a net capacity of liters and liters, the Samsung Twin Cooling Plus is able to accommodate 8 pieces of Lebaran 20 x 20cm delivery cake, even up to 12 pieces of the same size, when the freezer is converted into a regular refrigerator with smart conversion technology.

Samsung claims to be the only electronic company that presents Twin Cooling Plus technology on a two-door refrigerator. This technology offers two separate cooling systems, where there are two fans and two evaporators that can keep air circulation in the refrigerator. So the smell of food in the freezer does not mix with the usual refrigerator. The existence of two separate cooling systems in the refrigerator compartment, making the freshness of the food lasts twice as long as the conventional refrigerator.

So the freshness of food can last longer. Samsung Twin Cooling Plus technology utilizes two separate evaporators for the freezer and chiller compartments so that air circulation in the refrigerator can be maintained and prevent the smell mixed.

To save more food from a typical day and need more space, Samsung Twin Cooling Plus has a larger storage capacity ranging from liters to liters. If consumers require additional compartments, Smart Conversion technology can be activated to convert the freezer compartment into a regular refrigerator, allowing more efficient use of electricity.

Smart Conversion gives you the option to change the function of freezers. If on vacation, the freezer can be turned off, and only the refrigerator is on. When you need more space in the refrigerator, the freezer compartment can be converted into a refrigerator to store food. All food can be stored and kept fresh, and no food is wasted. Smart Conversion technology allows customers to choose five modes of conversion ie normal mode, extra fridge mode, vacation mode, seasonal mode and home alone mode.

To save energy consumption when leaving home for homecoming, consumers can choose the mode of setting vacation mode, where only the freezer is lit, and the usual cooling compartment is turned off.Samsung Newsroom's videos will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer.

Please try a different type of web browser. From the primitive ice buckets of yesteryear to the modern day refrigerator, the technology we use to keep our food cool has evolved. Yet, even though the methods have changed over the years, the basic principles of cooling have been the same for centuries and we have always used a cooling substance and some form of insulation.

Whereas early systems might have used ice as the cooling substance, today we use chemical refrigerants. Refrigerants work by moving through the refrigeration cycle changing from gas to liquid and back again. Early refrigerants posed risks but the Ra and Ra refrigerants used today are non-corrosive, non-toxic, low cost, and environmentally friendly. Insulation is another important element of a fridge as it keeps the warm air outside from penetrating the cool atmosphere of the fridge. In times past, the insulation was simply the ice bucket itself, or the stone wall of an archaic ice house.

Now, a more sophisticated type of insulation is used whereby a urethane foam and VIP Vacuum Insulation Panel maintain the temperature of a refrigerator. At its most basic, a refrigerator consists of four main parts that together work their magic to produce refrigeration. Refrigerant in the form of liquid or gas circulates in the refrigeration cycle successively for cooling action. The evaporator cools the fridge and freezer by absorbing heat from the food, which turns liquid into gas.

Samsung is reinventing the fridge by developing Twin Cooling Plus TM technology, first introduced in The Samsung Twin Cooling Plus TM adds new levels of convenience and innovation with its two evaporators that manage the fridge and freezer space separately to minimize temperature fluctuation.

This makes it possible to control optimal humidity and temperature because moisture in the fridge can remain separate from freezer.

Additionally, in conventional — single evaporator — systems, odors from the fridge can be permeated to foods in the freezer because air from the two compartments is interconnected.

Twin Cooling Plus TM fridges, however, prevent mixed odors that taint the ice you store in the freezer because twin cooling systems prevent air transition between the two compartments. The comparison between mono cooling with single evaporator left and Twin Cooling Plus TM with two evaporators right.

It offers a range of options that enable users to customize their fridge in a way that best suits them.

samsung twin cooling

They can even switch off portions of their fridges to save energy. This is done through the separate cooling evaporators for the fridge and freezer that enables users to choose from five modes of operation: regular mode, energy saving mode, vacation mode, fridge max mode, and mini fridge mode.

With Twin Cooling Plus TM technology now an established feature in Samsung fridges, the range of available products has grown to accommodate the different consumer needs. Each zone can be controlled independently and maintain optimal high humidity levels.

The fridge has come a long way from the early days of inefficient appliance with limited capabilities. Samsung is now at the forefront of rethinking the fridge. As a result, it will get more efficient, offer better insulation, more space and it will get smarter.

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